When Spending Dollars Makes Sense

With ever tightening budgets and doing more with less, you need to ensure that you are getting what you pay for.

So would switching to agile development make sense if the rest of your organization isn't agile?

You need to think "agile enterprise transformation."

Envision your entire operations as an agile organization.

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The AgileXcellence Difference

AgileXcellence examines four major areas for change when transforming an organization to agile:

-   Organizational Change: Agile organizations tend to be flatter then traditional organizations. People representing the
business side collaborate directly with developers daily.

-   Cultural Change: Quality and evolving architecture result from the elimination of command and control project   management. Everyone working on a project are considered equal; people should expect to be treated with fair respect from other team members. A culture of rewards and good job satisfaction is agile.

-   Process Change: Processes need to reflect the lightweight nature of agile, while being comprehensive enough to meet regulatory and due diligence requirements.

-   Mindset Change: Changing the mindset of “it won’t work here because…” to “it will work here if…” is one of the toughest challenges of  any organization trying to move to agile.

Changing all of these areas to be agile is a difficult undertaking and one that must be approached carefully and with experience to ensure measurable results. AgileXcellence has over 10 years experience in transforming organizations to agile. The journey begins with an agile vision, agile assessment, identification of key focus areas, training, pilots, and roadmap. Metrics are captured throughout the journey, thus enabling the organization to continually see how agile they are becoming.